Learn how RD Industries have worked for 50 years to ensure safer work environments with closed loop systems.


Looking for a No Drip, No Spill Solution?

RD Industries are the premier global leader in chemical containment and dispensing solutions devoted to making the world a safer place. The company provides the industry’s most effective closed loop systems designed to create safe work environments. Rod Laible, chief executive officer at RD Industries, has been a trailblazer in setting the industry standard for liquid containment. With Laible’s leadership, vision, and focus on innovation, RD Industries are well-prepared for the new challenges — and the endless opportunities for future growth — that will emerge as the industry continues to evolve.

RD Industries have earned the confidence of cleaning professionals and industry leaders worldwide by delivering innovative solutions to a vast array of vertical markets, including agriculture, food and beverage, health care, hospitality and hotels, laundry facilities, manufacturing, and chemical production. The primary focus of the company’s engineering team is innovation and development of emerging technology solutions to improve their customers’ businesses.

Containment: Lock the Liquid In

A closed loop containment and dispensing solution should provide proper venting and prevent contact with the chemical at every point. RD Industries’ SafTflo® closed loop chemical containment systems provide total containment, even during change-out. The SafTflo® closed loop connection system both vents for proper flow and completely contains the chemical concentrate to ensure safety.

The SafTflo® insert locks the liquid inside the bottle and provides a single point of contact to release the chemical and to ensure proper dilution. It’s the most effective closed loop connection system available today.

Why Closed Loop Matters

The SafTflo® cap adapter is a critical component in the system, as it serves as the key to ‘unlock’ the chemical from the bottle once attached to a bottle insert. When the cap adapter is connected to a standard intake tube, the chemical will flow for safe dispensing. If the cap adapter is removed, the valve in the bottle insert closes automatically to ‘lock’ the remaining chemical inside the container, preventing costly spills and loss of product.

In our industry, customers commonly refer to ‘glug, glug’, named for the sound made when liquid pours out of a bottle. Glug, glug can be costly to an organisation, and the potential harm to employees could lead to increased costs in litigation, loss of business, harm to brand reputation, and environmental concerns.

To eliminate the problems associated with glug, glug, Safe-Stride in Ireland installed the SafTflo® closed loop system of bottle inserts and cap adapters, matching the cap adapter colours to the colours of the liquids they dispense.

Turlough Sweeney, director at Safe-Stride, said, ‘When introduced to the system, we recognised the health and safety benefits first and foremost. Training staff how to work safely with cleaning chemicals can be challenging, and the cap certainly helped to avoid the end-user coming in contact with concentrate chemical. We noticed savings once the system was set up with our various dispensing systems.”

Closed loop dispensing requires the correct connection system to be effective in preventing spills and leaks while delivering the proper product to optimise cleaning effectiveness. Simple installation and precise dilution, reinforced through colour coding for easy training, enable maximum cleaning performance leading to satisfied end-users.

RD Industries take employee safety seriously, and their goal is to eliminate workers’ exposure to harsh chemicals and liquids. A correctly engineered system ensures the integrity of your closed loop system, which is a vital safety requirement, considering the concentrated or harsh chemicals and liquids required in today’s cleaning environments. Dispensing system failure can cause employee injuries, fines, operational disruption, and expensive liability claims.

Implementing Closed Loop Dispensing in Your Organisation

A safe dispensing system must prevent user contact with concentrated chemicals at every point: while installing the container, dispensing the product, and removing used containers. The key benefit of a closed loop system is that it enforces complete chemical containment at every connection and dispensing point.

RD Industries offer several cost-effective dispensing options engineered to complement their SafTflo® bottle inserts and cap adapters. These solutions include portable dispensing units, wall mounted dispensing systems, hand pump dispensers, and GraviTflo® dispensing systems. These solutions offer a variety of options to meet any organisation’s cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting needs.

SafTfil® Dispensing Solutions

The SafTfil® Portable Dispensing Unit (PDU) turns any bottle or container into a closed loop dispenser.  Accurate dilution control is built into the PDU to prevent tampering, and it allows users to control the dilution ratio of water to chemical. SafTfil® PDUs can be implemented anywhere a water source is available, and RD Industries can custom-colour them to match your company brand.

SafTfil® PDUs stand the test of time, as RD Industries manufacture them with state-of-the-art materials designed to withstand harsh chemicals and liquids. They have a durable design, which reduces waste and is better for the environment. Moreover, the system can be rapidly deployed and requires minimal training time, encouraging easier adoption and faster implementation.

Five years ago, Merida headquartered in Wrocław, Poland, was searching for a high-performance, affordable cleaning method for convenience stores to use in floor-care and all-purpose cleaning applications. Grzegorz Pawlak, export manager at Merida, contacted RD Industries for a solution and later implemented the SafTfil® PDU, which was exactly what his customers needed.

‘We needed a portable method for all of our cleaning applications for convenience stores, and RD Industries provided us with the solution’, Pawlak said. ‘We selected the portable dispensing unit, which was easy to install and use. It allowed us to control the chemical concentrate and the water dilution to mix the perfect cleaning solution, while keeping the employees from contact with the chemicals, and it created a safer cleaning application. This solution helped Merida drive customer satisfaction with our convenience store clients’.

The GraviTflo® Lift Dose system features closed loop technology in an inverted application. Bottles used with the GraviTflo® system are fitted with a specialised insert during the packaging process, which locks in the chemical until a bottle is ready to be installed.

Once a bottle is placed on the dispenser, it is closed, and the chemical is locked inside the bottle. When an end-user is ready to dispense the chemical, they simply press up on the dosing mechanism to release the flow of liquid from the bottle into the reservoir, and the mixed solution can be added to a receiving bottle or mop bucket, or used in another cleaning container.

RD Industries also provide the SafTfil® Wall Mount Dispensing Unit, which is designed to meet the dispensing needs of organisations in a variety of vertical markets, including health care, schools, leisure facilities, industrial laundries, and professional kitchens. The unit’s size is small to meet the demands of areas with limited installation space. The SafTfil® Wall Mount Dispensing Unit enables users to control flow rate and dilution, providing total containment to meet individual dosing specifications.

The SafTfil® Hand Pump Dispenser integrates with a bottle insert and cap to form a closed loop connection. No water source is needed, which makes it ideal for use on countertops and mobile carts.

Making the World a Safer Place

RD Industries have transformed closed loop technology to meet organisations’ ever-changing needs to safely contain and dispense chemicals. Our world-class innovation and engineering teams are continually working to develop emerging technology solutions in containment and dispensing solutions and are focused on our goal of making the world a safer place. For more information, please visit RDIndustries.com.