Environmental Stewardship with Green Chemical Dispensing

The main benefits of a closed loop chemical dispensing system are safety, dilution accuracy, reduction of waste, and environmental stewardship.  These benefits work in conjunction with each other; for instance, not only does a closed loop system offer reduction in chemical waste (a huge cost savings), but also a reduction in water waste (environmental stewardship).

Through accurate proportion management, combined with safe chemical containment solutions, RD Industries provides closed loop technology in conjunction with any size container, chemical dispenser, or proportioning unit to meet specific requirements for any industry’s chemical program. This also provides for accurate dilution, which helps to ensure the quality of the chemical remains intact.

Whether using large or small containers, the process of chemical containment and dispensing often is associated with leaks or spills at various points in the packaging and distribution cycle. Employing a closed loop chemical containment and dispensing system will help to prevent these costly and harmful situations.

With the increased awareness for protecting the environment, many industries are now seeking more green solutions to chemical handling. Utilizing a closed loop chemical dispensing system will help your company reach environmental stewardship goals, while realizing a cost savings.

Please click here to review RD’s S.A.F.E. closed loop chemical dispensing formula.