Closed Loop Chemical Dispensing Offers Significant Savings

No matter the industry – schools, healthcare, or hospitality – a major cost for maintaining a clean work environment is the chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing. Between the chemicals themselves, the proper dilution and dispensing equipment and the training and effectiveness of the employees using these chemicals – a company can put a significant amount of money into the safety and cleanliness of its work space. It’s important for these industries to protect this investment and allocate their funds wisely.

Because of these reasons, more and more businesses are looking toward closed loop chemical containment and dispensing technology. A closed loop chemical dispensing system is appealing because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Chemical manufacturers have created more concentrated chemicals; and while this has the potential to help reduce cost, it also creates challenges for janitorial staff to properly dilute, dispense, and apply these chemicals. Closed loop chemical systems allow end-users to mix concentrated chemicals safely, instead of using a measuring cup or pouring right into a bucket. Dilution control equipment can help cleaning agents clean more effectively and control a company’s bottom line.

Protecting their investment is one of the primary reasons end-users are seeking closed loop chemical containment and dispensing. Not only does the closed loop technology take the guess work out of diluting chemicals, but also reduces the amount of storage space required, transportation cost, and the cost-per-usable-gallon for the chemicals.