Closed Looped Chemical Dispensing Through Hand Pump

As part of our vast line of closed loop chemical dispensing technology, RD Industries offers a hand pump system. This closed loop hand pump system provides end users the ability to use concentrated chemicals in areas where a water source is not available.

So how does this hand pump integrate closed loop chemical containment and dispensing technology? It’s equipped with an attachment that allows any bottle to be fitted with a SafTflo® insert. Our SafTflo® line is a self-vented, closed loop chemical containment system.  Used in conjunction with our Bottle Insert, the pump screws onto the neck of the bottle and the end user depresses the dispensing portion of the unit to deliver a pre-metered amount of chemical concentrate.  Then, add water to dilute.

The hand pump is true to the closed loop technology benefits, decreasing the possibilities of toxic leaks and spills, unsafe chemical handling, improper dilutions, and liability exposure. This portable unit can also be used anywhere – counter top, mobile cart, or in any low-chemical use area.