When More Is Not Better – Using Proper Chemical Dilution

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, many end-users often think more is better. And while this may seem like logical thinking – it is, in fact, untrue. Chemicals are most effective for cleaning and disinfecting, and used most safely, when properly diluted.

Using more chemical can lead to sticky surfaces that attract dirt, and can lead to a longer cleaning time the second time around – wasting chemicals and your investment. Over-using chemicals can also lead to damage of the surface being cleaned and possible hard to the end user. Additionally, improper chemical dilution is bad for the environment – as it introduces more products unnecessarily into the environment.

End users can be educated on proper chemical dilution, but it is best achieved through closed loop chemical dispensing. Closed loop chemical dilution and dispensing works with the chemical, the packaging, and the dispensing device to eliminate human error and provide safe and effective end-user chemical use.

So while it’s often thought that more is better; or less-is-more – it’s true that the only way to use cleaning and disinfecting chemicals safely and effectively is at the recommended dilution. By providing end users with a closed loop chemical dilution system, chemical manufacturers and bottlers are helping their customers’ efficiency and safety with the best technology on the market.