Maintaining Quality Control Through Closed Loop Systems

When it comes to quality control of your cleaning operation, the first step toward a job well done is to provide deliberate and thorough training to the cleaning staff. This well-trained staff also needs to be equipped with easy-to-use chemical dilution and dispensing equipment that will facilitate their success.

Businesses and organizations – including hospitals, food-service facilities, hotels and schools – heavily rely on the hygiene of their facilities as part of their brand image. These same businesses often invest additional money and resources on cleaning quality control. And while it’s important to continually monitor the quality of a facility’s cleanliness, users who invest in closed loop chemical dilution and dispensing systems will see fewer resources spent on monitoring the cleaning results of their employees.

Closed loop chemical systems ensure every connection and dispensing point to enforce total containment and safety at every stage of the process – from installing a new chemical all the way through dispensing product. Closed loop chemical dilution and dispensing systems take the guess work out of mixing and diluting chemicals and allow the cleaning staff to execute their duties using less time and resources – preserving quality and saving money and your brand image.

Chemical manufacturers and distributors can help their end users achieve quality control through providing closed loop chemical systems. Allow us to help you!