Closed Loop Portable Dispensing Unit Allows for Safe and Easy Chemical Dispensing

RD Industries has a long-standing tradition of providing innovative solutions for chemical containment and dispensing. Our closed loop chemical system allows us to provide the safest and most effective products in the chemical dispensing industry.

As with any business, as industries change there’s always need for innovation. Our end-users are no exception, as they seek solutions to utilize safe and effective closed loop chemical containment systems. Our portable dispensing units are an example of how we help end-users maximize efficiency when sanitizing their workplace. This closed loop portable dispensing unit can be deployed anywhere there is a water source; minimizing back and forth trips to a central mixing station.  Portable units are also much less expensive to purchase, install, and maintain than wall-mounted systems.

As with any of RD Industries’ closed loop chemical dispensing and containment products, this portable dispensing unit provides accurate dilution control, helps maintain cleaning and chemical costs and is easy to use.