6 Keys to RD Industries Success: Development

In my last message, I touched on the 6 key factors that I think make RD Industries great. Today, I would like to expand upon the importance of development within our company. People, products and processes are the three principal areas that receive the majority of our development focus.


We invest in the development of our people every day at RD Industries. Whether it is the day-to-day growth or long-term professional progress, fostering the talent within the company is first and foremost. As Kathryn Minshew said, “A company is only as good as its people.” I feel that the investment in our employees will only propel the company towards the success we envision.


Product development is a continuous improvement process at RDI. Our established customers know that several of our products have seen multiple enhancements. These changes occur as our products mature with each improving version. Customer feedback, internal testing and market understanding have led to these modifications. We refuse to remain stagnant if there is an opportunity to improve our product as well as provide innovation into the marketplace.


Processes to produce our best products have evolved over time. Most come from internal recognition, knowing where we could improve. We now have several processes in place at different stages of the product lifecycle that we feel bring about the best product. From sales to product development and production, utilization of improved processes is just as important as the development of our people and our products.

As with everything, all of these areas are in constant evolution in order to keep RD Industries on the path to growth. I feel we have found a great formula for development and that puts us right where we need to be – poised for the future.

Rod Laible