The effectiveness and safety of chemical dispensing systems vary widely.  In order to provide your customers with the best possible system, you want to analyze four important factors of system performance, summarized in the S.A.F.E. formula:

SAFELOGO_FSafety through the integrity of the system in preventing leakage or exposure

Accuracy in precise and foolproof dilution of chemical concentrates

Financial protection by preventing waste or injury

Environmental stewardship in preventing accidental discharge of concentrates

Without an adequate Closed Loop system in place, your company and your customers face exposure to numerous challenges. The SafTflo® system greatly reduces that exposure and provides benefits such as:

Increased end user safety – According to the EPA, U.S. institutions spend more the $75 million a year on medical expenses and lost-time wages for janitors due to chemical related injuries.  The SafTflo® system greatly reduces such exposure to liability and regulatory authorities.

Prevention of toxic spills – An open container is eventually going to get tipped over and chemical is going to spill on work areas, floors, and possibly even end users.  By locking the concentrate in the container, the potential for dangerous spills is virtually eliminated.

Elimination of mixing mistakes – Prevent confusion and the potential for cross-contamination of chemicals by using the intuitive SafTflo® color-coded system.

Reduction of chemical waste – Chemical concentrates can be expensive, why not protect that investment and ensure those concentrates are being used properly and that any potential for spills and leaks is eliminated.

Optimization of product performance – When concentrates are not properly mixed, ineffective cleaning can result and that can lead to infectious outbreaks, damaged surfaces, poor brand image, and even lost sales opportunities.  The SafTflo® system can assure chemicals are dispensed and used properly.