What is SafTflo®?
SafTflo® is an economical chemical containment system that is installed at the packaging level.  The insert or fitment is installed in the opening of the container to lock in the chemical or liquid. The insert is recessed in the opening so that it does not interfere with the shipping cap and secures the product for safe, easy shipping.  The insert is to be used one time only and can be disposed of with the container.

When the container arrives at the end user environment, the shipping cap is removed and the chemical is unlocked by connecting a cap adapter device to the insert.  The cap adapter is reusable and connects to any dispensing or metering system via flexible intake tubing.   Chemical is now ready to be safely and accurately dispensed.

Aren’t all Closed Loop systems the same; what makes SafTflo® so unique?
Some systems call themselves Closed Loop simply because they have a dip tube in the container or they have a less than adequate plug in the container.  Unlike the SafTflo® system, these methods do not prevent leaks, spills, or cross contamination; they do not provide proper dilution control or allow for off-gassing of product.

How do I benefit from a SafTflo® system?
The benefits of a SafTflo® system are many.  First and foremost, it offers protection against exposure during each step of the dispensing operation.  Only the SafTflo® system enforces total chemical containment and ensures the accuracy, safety, and efficiency of the dispensing system.  For more benefits, click here.

Do I need a special container?
Not at all.  The SafTflo® system was uniquely designed to work with nearly any type of container.  We have solutions for 28mm openings all the way to 70mm openings.  We also have solutions for pails, drums, totes, bag-in-the-box, and inverted systems.

Can I design a proprietary system exclusively for my company?
Absolutely.  RD Industries will work with you to customize a Closed Loop system that has specific dimensions to prevent unauthorized use of your chemical products.

Is the SafTflo® system easy to operate?
The SafTflo® system does not require any extensive training, making it easy to implement into your current chemical offering.

Will the SafTflo® system work with all types of chemical?
Yes, we have material options so that, regardless of the type or harshness of your chemical, RD Industries can design a system that works with the chemistry of your products.

Are there industry guidelines or trends for Closed Loop systems?
The green trend and increased emphasis on safety have generated more demand for Closed Loop systems.  The chemical industry faces continuing pressure to improve safety and environmental protection in their dispensing systems.  Components considered include the chemicals, the dispensing equipment used to mix the concentrates, and the product packaging.  The Green Seal GS-37 is the first industry standard to incorporate all these factors in one set of specifications.