The SafTflo® Closed Loop system, as illustrated in the following diagram, can best be described in two parts:

insert-in-bottle-top-smallLock: The first is an insert (or fitment) that is installed at the packaging level directly into the opening of any size container. The insert forms a seal with the neck of the container to “lock” in the chemical and prevent spills or leaks throughout the product lifecycle.  The spring-loaded insert is equipped with a breathable (self-venting) membrane that allows gasses to pass through it, relieving any positive or negative pressure in the container during shipment, storage, and handling.  The top of the insert is recessed into the container opening so it does not interfere with the shipping closure.  A dip tube is attached to the insert that reaches to the bottom of the container.

cap-adapter-smallKey: The second part is a mating cap adapter, when placed on the container with the bottle insert, “unlocks” the chemical for safe and accurate dispensing.  The cap adapter is connected to a dispensing system via standard intake tubing.  The end-user simply removes the shipping closure and places the cap adapter onto the container fitted with the insert.  This opens the spring-loaded valve so chemical can be drawn out by the dispensing system.  If the cap adapter is removed for any reason, the valve closes automatically to lock the chemical in the container, preventing any accidental spills and loss of costly product.