RD Industries is the global leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing Closed Loop chemical containment and dispensing systems.

Barrels-and-Bottles-web1Gone are the days of shipping pre-diluted chemicals in large drums and containers; today’s chemicals are shipped in highly concentrated forms and are dependent on end-users for proper handling and accurate dilution. Unfortunately, this has resulted in unsafe working environments, chemical waste, costly mixing mistakes, and an ever increasing number of on-the-job accidents.

As a proven leader in the industry, we’ve made it our goal to create solutions to these problems.  RD Industries has the only self-venting, Closed Loop chemical containment system, which is branded as our SafTflo® line.

With all the possibilities of toxic leaks and spills, unsafe chemical handling, improper dilutions, and liability exposure, chemical manufacturers consistently turn to RD Industries to make their chemical management systems cleaner and safer.

Most recently, RD Industries has added new products to our portfolio for economical chemical dispensing: a Wall Mount Dispensing System and an enhanced Portable Dispensing Unit for ready-to-dispense applications.

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