IMG_05401Based in Omaha, Nebraska USA, RD Industries has been in the chemical containment and dispensing industry since 1968 when our primary focus was on caps and safety closures. During this time, many chemical companies shipped their pre-diluted product in large drums and containers.  In the next few decades, when fuel shortages and transportation costs became a concern, these same chemical manufacturers began to concentrate their chemicals to reduce shipping expenses.  As these highly concentrated chemicals were being shipped to the end-user for accurate mixing and dilution, work environments became increasingly unsafe.  RD Industries’ founder and Chairman, Rod Laible, saw a need in the marketplace for greater chemical containment and began focusing on a solution.

In 1991 RD Industries introduced its first line of products called Vent-A-Cap™.  This was initially a line of products used in delivering medicine to livestock.  The system allowed for efficient liquid flow for steady, continuous, and accurate single dose dispensing.  Over the next few years, Vent-A-Cap™ progressed to include a built-in air venting system and the product line expanded into additional industries, including industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals, which is our largest industry currently being served.

In 1998, RD Industries launched the SafTflo® line of products.  In a combined effort with industry(c)SafeTflo_no background executives and packaging engineers, RD Industries developed a self-venting, Closed Loop chemical containment system, which today is branded as our SafTflo® system.  The value proposition of the SafTflo® line of products is to lock the chemical into the bottle, provide a single means of access into the bottle, and ensure the chemical concentrate is used properly.

In the early 2000’s RD Industries expanded its base of customers internationally; adding countries such as Mexico, Canada, Australia, Spain, Belgium, and Italy to our global reach.

In 2005, we began to add dispensing products to our offering, such as a Portable Dispensing Unit for ready-to-dispense applications.

In August of 2007, RD Industries moved to a new location, a 87,000 square foot facility that houses all molding, manufacturing, and assembly operations as well as all administrative and sales staff.  Our combined facility brings us greater efficiency and capacity for growth, and a laboratory environment for product testing.  We always welcome clients and prospects to visit our facility.

And, in 2013, RD launched its new Wall Mount Dispensing System and Hand Pump Dispenser.  The wall mount dispensing system is an economical solution that accurately dispenses chemical at selected flow and dilution rates for bottle or bucket applications.  And, the hand pump dispenser is a convenient, portable unit that can be used virtually anywhere – counter top, mobile cart, or in any low-chemical use area.

As chemical manufacturers continue to make more concentrated chemicals that require precise handling, RD Industries is the only company in the industry offering a truly Closed Loop solution.

RD Industries is ISO 9001:2015 certified.