SaFTFlo® Docking Station

The SaFTFlo® Docking Station provides a wall mounted unit with a built-in cap adapter. A container of chemical concentrate equipped with a SaFTFlo® bottle insert is placed into the unit where a built-in cap adapter is connected and directly linked to the dispenser. Multiple units can be wall mounted together. 

The system is designed for areas where multiple chemicals are required to keep the workspace organized, preventing costly mixing mistakes. Taking all chemicals off the floor provides a safer working environment which, combined with using a closed-loop system minimizes leaks, spills, and chemical exposure for the end user.  

SaFTFlo® Docking Station


  • Fully closed loop system  
  • Eliminates mixing mistakes  
  • Provides a safer working environment  
  • Protects end-users and the environment from spills  
  • Limits end-user contact  

Key Features

  • Works with the standard 1 Liter round bottle – 38mm insert and cap adapter   
  • Multiple units can be mounted together  
  • Liquid color matching available  
  • Company color matching available  

Installation Process

  • The SaFTFlo Docking Station can be mounted directly to the wall or placed on a shelf. Black cabinets are available to fit one-gallon round bottles.
  • To install the docking station:
    Remove the shipping closure so that the bottle insert is visible.
  • Slide the bottle into the base of the black cabinet holder.
  • Turn the lever to the docking station into place.
  • The chemical concentrate or liquid is ready to be dispensed.
For superior performance results, use the SaFTFlo® Docking Station in conjunction with our full line of liquid containment and dispensing products from the SaFTFlo® Fluid Management Systems.
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