Increase End User Safety With Closed Loop Systems

Safety is among the countless reasons end users are seeking closed loop chemical containment and dispensing systems. When working with chemicals, safety is a primary concern since it preserves workplace welfare. End users are using closed loop systems to maximize the value of chemicals while ensuring that employees are safely meeting health standards for cleanliness.

Without a closed loop system, there are many potential hazards that can occur to the user as well as other workers and even patients. Often, the user is pouring chemical directly into a bucket resulting in possible splash issues, with the potential to come into contact with eyes and skin as well as possible inhalation exposure. Businesses are spending unnecessary funds on workers’ compensation expenses and lost-time wages due to chemical-related injuries.

A safe dispensing system must prevent contact of concentrated chemical with users while installing the chemical container, dispensing the product, and removing used containers. A closed loop system enforces complete containment of chemicals at every connection and dispensing point, preventing contact and  harm to end users.

A closed loop system has become the preferred method of chemical containment and dispensing for several reasons, but safety is certainly high on the priority list. Chemical manufacturers and those responsible for chemical bottling must respond to the needs of end users and provide the safest and most effective form of chemical handling.


Closed Loop Chemical Dispensing Offers Significant Savings

No matter the industry – schools, healthcare, or hospitality – a major cost for maintaining a clean work environment is the chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing. Between the chemicals themselves, the proper dilution and dispensing equipment and the training and effectiveness of the employees using these chemicals – a company can put a significant amount of money into the safety and cleanliness of its work space. It’s important for these industries to protect this investment and allocate their funds wisely.

Because of these reasons, more and more businesses are looking toward closed loop chemical containment and dispensing technology. A closed loop chemical dispensing system is appealing because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Chemical manufacturers have created more concentrated chemicals; and while this has the potential to help reduce cost, it also creates challenges for janitorial staff to properly dilute, dispense, and apply these chemicals. Closed loop chemical systems allow end-users to mix concentrated chemicals safely, instead of using a measuring cup or pouring right into a bucket. Dilution control equipment can help cleaning agents clean more effectively and control a company’s bottom line.

Protecting their investment is one of the primary reasons end-users are seeking closed loop chemical containment and dispensing. Not only does the closed loop technology take the guess work out of diluting chemicals, but also reduces the amount of storage space required, transportation cost, and the cost-per-usable-gallon for the chemicals.

Closed Loop Chemical Technology for Healthcare Industry

For companies that manufacture, bottle, or dilute/dispense chemicals for the health care industry, dilution accuracy, safety, and efficiency are of the utmost importance. Hospitals and other health care facilities have high standards of hygiene and would benefit greatly from a closed loop chemical containment and dispensing system.

Closed loop chemical dispensing provides those in the health care industry with the easiest, fastest, safest, and greenest possible system.  Health care employees are recognizing its benefits, for both decreased cost and increased efficiency.

Cleaning is the first defense against disease, and hospitals must choose the processes and products that are right for their unique circumstances. No matter how good the product is, it makes little difference unless the cleaning process is effective. Chemical packaging, dispensing, and containment using closed loop technology helps the end-user gain the maximum benefit from the products.

Providing closed loop chemical technology allows health care workers to do what’s best for their patients, ensuring that any chemical used to prevent against disease is properly contained and dispensed, and meets cleanliness regulations.

Environmental Stewardship with Green Chemical Dispensing

The main benefits of a closed loop chemical dispensing system are safety, dilution accuracy, reduction of waste, and environmental stewardship.  These benefits work in conjunction with each other; for instance, not only does a closed loop system offer reduction in chemical waste (a huge cost savings), but also a reduction in water waste (environmental stewardship).

Through accurate proportion management, combined with safe chemical containment solutions, RD Industries provides closed loop technology in conjunction with any size container, chemical dispenser, or proportioning unit to meet specific requirements for any industry’s chemical program. This also provides for accurate dilution, which helps to ensure the quality of the chemical remains intact.

Whether using large or small containers, the process of chemical containment and dispensing often is associated with leaks or spills at various points in the packaging and distribution cycle. Employing a closed loop chemical containment and dispensing system will help to prevent these costly and harmful situations.

With the increased awareness for protecting the environment, many industries are now seeking more green solutions to chemical handling. Utilizing a closed loop chemical dispensing system will help your company reach environmental stewardship goals, while realizing a cost savings.

Please click here to review RD’s S.A.F.E. closed loop chemical dispensing formula.

Safe Chemical Dispensing and Containment in the Hospitality Industry

The importance of safe chemical dispensing in the hospitality industry, as a whole, cannot be understated. Sanitary food service, restrooms, and hotel rooms are only a few necessities when it comes to hygiene for this industry; and safe, resourceful chemical dilution and dispensing are key factors for the hospitality industry to provide a clean and safe environment.

Specifically in hotels, the wide spectrum of sanitary and chemical needs indicates a great need for closed loop chemical dispensing systems. A closed loop system promotes safety, ensuring safe chemical containment and dispensing, which reduces the risk of injury. Additionally, a closed loop system promotes savings – if expensive chemicals are spilled or not accurately diluted it results in lost dollars. When a variety of chemicals are being used for many different areas in one industry, proper containment and dispensing become important to meet safety and sanitary standards.

At RD Industries, our closed loop technology provides this safety and accuracy benefit at all stages of the process through precise dilutions and dispensing technologies. In partnership with our customers, we strive to serve the hospitality industry by providing them with the safest, most cost-effective solutions on the market.


Rewind: Taking a Look Back…

RD Industries partners with local High School to beta test the SafTfil® Wall Mount Dispenser.

In the spring of 2013, an RD sales executive approached a local high school to help us with our final stages of testing our SafTfil® Wall Mount Dispenser in a real-world application.  The school welcomed the opportunity to partner with RD and our sales executive installed Wall Dispensers in the janitorial closets throughout the school.

Our Wall Dispenser was developed with the end-user in mind – keeping performance, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility in mind.  One- or two-port modules with the ability to link up to six ports together and a choice of flow rates, provides our customers with the possibility of several combinations.  Also, our dispensers were designed to be maintenance-free.  With their limited footprint and economical construction you can easily replace a unit for less than the cost of a service call.

RD installed dual-port, dual-flow units at the high school to provide janitors with the flexibility for quickly filling bottles or mop buckets.  Periodic check-ins with the school/janitors during the beta testing provided us with quality feedback during our testing period.  The units proved to be beneficial for the janitors to quickly dispense diluted cleaning solutions, as well as provided accurate chemical dilutions, while keeping safety in check with a closed loop system.  Also, the school can attest to the unit’s durability as they have been in use for over a year now and all of the units are still in place!

The SafTfil® Wall Mount Dispenser underwent further testing and was certified under the Uniform Plumbing Code, as well as the National Plumbing Code of Canada, in the summer of 2013 (click here to view our certificate of listing).  Since our official launch in early fall of 2013, thousands of units have been installed in a variety of end-user applications: from hospitals in California to schools in Canada to nursing homes in Texas to hotels in New York as well as applications in Brazil, Australia, and Europe.

RD Industries provides a full line of Closed Loop Chemical Containment and Dispensing products, including our SafTfil® Wall Mount Dispenser and Portable Dispensing Unit (PDU).  When used in conjunction with RD Bottle Inserts and Cap Adapters, our customers “close the loop” on their chemical dispensing system, providing safe and accurate dilution control systems for end-users.  Click here to learn more about the SafTfil® Wall Mount Dispenser.  Please contact us today for more information!

School Hygiene and Safe Closed Loop Systems

When it comes to concentrated chemical safety and dilution accuracy, there are many factors to consider in choosing a closed loop chemical dispensing system.  Closed loop systems are used in various environments, including food service, hospitality, industrial, and health care to name a few.  But, when it comes to school systems, concerns surrounding sanitation and hygiene and safety are on the rise presenting the need for a quality closed loop chemical dispensing program.

Sanitary classrooms, restrooms, and cafeterias are imperative for the safety of both students and staff, including the janitorial staff using the products.  Providing a clean, healthy environment is important, but equally essential is the need for safe chemical dispensing.  For chemical containment and dispensing, a quality closed loop system must meet appropriate safety standards – for the students, staff, and janitors.  If chemicals are not contained properly, the risk of spills increases; increasing the risk of injury as well as lost dollars from wasted chemicals.  This is also true when using an inferior chemical dilution and dispensing system.  When chemicals are properly diluted and dispensed, sanitizing and disinfecting is more effective in eliminating the spread of germs as well as being more cost effective.

Safety, dilution accuracy, and ease of dispensing are the chief benefits of utilizing a closed loop chemical dispensing system.  At RD Industries, we are committed to providing our customers with the best closed loop system on the market.  Please contact us to learn more about our closed loop chemical dispensing system and how it can benefit your organization.