As chemicals become more and more concentrated in nature for easier and less expensive shipping, handling, and storage, they also present challenges in the marketplace.

Bottle-with-Insert-NewLeaks and spills of concentrated chemical can cause safety hazards, property damage, fines or penalties, and operational interruptions.  Improper dilution of concentrated chemicals can impact facility hygiene, brand image, cost, and asset preservation. Stricter regulations are increasingly mandating that chemical concentrates be used in a safe and environmental manner.

Meeting the challenges these chemical concentrates pose starts with making your dispensing offering safer, more accurate, and more efficient.  RD Industries’ SafTflo® chemical containment technology does just that.

The SafTflo® Closed Loop system works with virtually any size and type of container, chemical dispenser, or proportioning unit.  Parts are custom engineered to meet your specific requirements to make your chemical program the safest and most accurate system possible.