CollageThe cap adapter component of our SafTflo® product is the key that unlocks the chemical from the container.   The only function the end user needs to perform is to connect the cap adapter to the container fitted with the SafTflo® insert.

When the cap adaper (connector) is mated to the insert in the container, the spring-loaded valve is opened so that chemical can be drawn out by the dispensing system.



DSC00368-editedThe re-usable cap adapter is connected to a dispensing system via standard intake tubing and it houses a special dry break valve that prevents drips during refill changes.  If the cap adater is removed for any reason, the valve in the insert closes automatically to lock the chemical in the container, preventing any accidental spills and loss of costly product.

The options available in our SafTflo® inserts carry over into our cap adapters; sizes ranging from 28mm to 70mm sizes in 30 different colors and various configurations to work with any type and viscosity of chemical.  Many customers color code the inserts to the cap adapter for simplified user adoption and to prevent product mix-ups.

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