The SafTflo® Docking Station system simplifies the process of connecting chemical concentrates to a wall mounted dispensing unit.  It is the ideal no touch, no spill solution and has all the benefits of a completely Closed Loop system.  The Docking Station is the ultimate in providing protection from spills and limiting end user contact, resulting in even greater safety measures. It is perfect for areas where space may be limited or where a dedicated mixing area is needed.

As with the other SafTflo® products, the end user simply removes the shipping closure to expose the bottle insert and then slides the bottle into the cabinet of the Docking Station.  With a turn of the lever to lock the bottle into the station, the chemical concentrate is ready to be dispensed.

The Docking Station can be mounted directly to the wall or can be mounted on a shelf. Custom cabinets are available to fit special bottle sizes and the colors can be matched to your chemical, your label, or your company colors.