MG_3656-white-backgroundThe GraviTflo™ Lift Dose is a unique dispensing system featuring our Closed Loop technology in an inverted application. Similar to the standard SafTflo® Accurate dilution control can be built right into the portable unit, preventing any tampering with water to chemical ratios.  Closed Loop system, the bottle to be used with the GraviTflo™ system is fitted with a specialized insert during the packaging process that locks the chemical into the container until it is ready to be placed on the dispensing unit.

Just like our standard SafTflo® container insert, the end user simply removes the shipping closure to expose the GraviTflo™ insert and places the bottle on the unit.  Once the bottle is placed on the dispenser, the valve in the insert is opened up so that chemical is released into the reservoir of the dispenser. When the end user is ready to dispense the concentrate for dilution, they simply press up on the dosing mechanism and a metered amount of chemical concentrate empties into the receiving bottle, mop bucket, or other type of container.

MG_3617-no-backgroundUpon release of the pre-metered concentrate, the reservoir replenishes itself so that it is ready for the next dose.

MG_3565-no-backgroundDosing sizes range from 1/4 ounce all the way up to 2 ounces and color coding is available to match your chemical, your label, or your company colors to the dispensing unit.  Sliding wall rails are available so that multiple units can be sequentially mounted.

This is the only inverted application of its kind and is ideal for areas where there is no water source or water pressure is a concern. What makes it even better is the Closed Loop technology that locks the chemical in the container until it ready to be dispensed.