2014_1009_RDI_5839 ASSE certified with Air Gap technology; certified in compliance in both the United States and Canada.  Available in multiple flow rates: 1, 2, and 3.5 GPM.  Trigger, collar, hose nut, and bucket clip can be customized in a variety of colors.Click here to learn more.
PDU dispensing Patented trigger mechanism with locking lever is either fully on or fully off, eliminating the possibility of inaccurately diluted product.
 2014_1014_RDI_3025 Dual dilution option allows the user to simply turn a lever to create a different dilution rate from the same concentrate – perfect for light and heavy cleaning.
PDU on bottle Color coded systems – with 30 colors available, you can match the color of your chemical, your label, or your company logo to the PDU making it very intuitive for the end user.
PDU Dual Flow Dual flow option allows for mop bucket and spray bottle filling in one unit. A simple turn of the dial changes the volume of solution to be dispensed.
PDU with Foamer Create a spray or foam with the attachment that converts the solution so it can be applied directly to the surface to be cleaned.
Accessory Kit Accessories – RD has all the standard accessories that may be needed for specific applications. We can include these accessories in custom kits directly at our manufacturing facility so they are ready to use by the end user.
PDU with Shroud Shroud – For added durability and customization, opt for a shroud attachment.  Can be used with both the standard PDU and PDU with Foamer attachment.