Simplify and Protect the Way Chemicals are Dispensed

Take your Portable Dispensing “to the wall” with RD’s wall mounted dispensing system!  We developed the wall mounted dispenser based on our customers’ needs while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind.

RD’s system provides you with the flexibility of a one- or two-port module and a choice of flow rates. Easy dilution with interchangeable metering in the chemical draw barb for use with unlimited applications—from filling bottles to buckets, and more, the RD wall dispenser delivers superior results.

Benefits of integrating RD’s wall mounted dispenser into your chemical containment and dispensing system:

  • Quick, easy installation
  • One-touch operationDSC01252
  • Space-saving design
  • ASSE1055-B certified
  • Enhanced safety features – equipped with Air Gap Eductors
  • Multiple flow rate combinations
  • Matches dilution and vacuum rates of RD’s Portable Dispensing Unit (PDU)
  • Accurate dilution control to maximize cleaning product performance
  • Economical dispensing solution
  • Custom configuration – design your own system
    • Modular system: ability to connect multiple single- and dual-port dispensers
    • Color coding: pair button color with RD Cap Adapters or design with your own company colors

Click here to see an instructional video about the Wall Dispenser.

For optimum performance, use in conjunction with RD’s line of chemical containment and dispensing products.