SaFTFlo® LM100 Insertion Machine

What Is it?

The LM100 is an automatic insertion machine designed to robotically insert SaFTFlo® inserts into bottles. The first product to launch under the SaFTFlo® Automation category, the fully programable LM 100 is easily integrated into customers’ existing assembly lines.

With built-in quality inspection and an interactive guarding system, the LM100 is able to place inserts in up to 30 bottles per minute. With programmable height and tube length options, it is able to accommodate a wide range of requirements.

SaFTFlo® ML100 Insertion Machine

Key Features

  • Automated insertion of SaFTFlo® inserts into bottles
  • Can complete up to 30 bottles per minute
  • Designed to run with the SaFTFlo® Fluid Management Systems products
  • HMO touch pad to program tube length and bottle height
  • HMO touch pad for vision system monitoring quality control to ensure insert is seated in bottle correctly
  • Inbuilt system to detect faults
  • Tube guide from stem to tip to ensure insertion into bottle
  • Interactive guarding system
  • Easily integrated into existing assembly lines

SaFTFlo® LM100 Document Download