SaFTGreen Triangle

Changing Closed-Loop Technology For a Safer, Cleaner and Greener Future.

RD Industries has launched their new SaFTGreen™ products. Using RD Industries’ Patented SaFTSeal® over-mold technology and revolutionary designs, the SaFTGreen™ products offers the highest level of seal- ability for chemical containment and dispensing in the market place. 



The patented designs of the SaFTGreen™ SPP bottle insert and Ship Cap offer a leak proof solution for those transporting concentrated chemicals and other liquids. A TPE over-mold is located on the inner and outer walls and the shoulder of the insert, where the ship cap sits. Using this low durometer material, enables the insert to cold flow set into bottle shape irregularities, creating a plug in the bottle neck and providing a flat cushion surface that sits under the ship cap.


When the chemical arrives at its final destination, the ship cap is replaced with the SaFTGreen™ Pierce Pin Cap Adapter creating a closed-loop system for the chemical to be dispensed. The bottle is totally sealed until the lance from the Pierce Pin Cap Adapter is inserted into the sealed valve of the insert.  Once the lance is removed, the valve will re-seal once again through a cold flow set process.


Automatic self-venting is achieved by bi-directional valves which allows for off-gassing, reducing the ability for the container to panel or bloat. These valves also replace the need for a metal spring which is until now, were required for venting purposes.  The removal of metal from the inserts makes them more compatible with a wider range of chemicals.  


A patented design and manufacturing process makes these the world’s first recyclable and sustainably manufactured bottle inserts in the world. 

  • Highest level of sealable insert in the market place
  • Superior venting with automatic bi-directional valves
  • Higher level of chemical compatibility with the removal of all metal
  • Recyclable and sustainably manufactured.
SaFTGreen™ Ship Caps