SaFTGreen™ Slide Insert

The SaFTGreen™ Slide Valve Insert offers the latest in closed loop technology. A patented design and manufacturing process make this part of the world’s first recyclable and sustainably manufactured range of bottle inserts for chemical containment and dispensing.

A TPE, soft-seal over-mold around the plug and on the shoulder of the insert offers a superior seal for both dispensing and transportation chemicals.

Compatible with both SaFTFlo® cap adapters and the SaFTGreen ™ PiercePin cap adapter, the Slide Valve bottle insert is the most versatile product within the SafTGreen™ range. The valve in the insert is fully sealed until a cap adapter is connected, pushing the snap stem valve to establish chemical dispensing. Once the cap adapter is removed, the valve will re-seal itself to ensure a full seal once again.


  • Best seal on the market
  • Compatible with both existing SaFTFlo® cap adapters and SaFTGreen™ PiercePin cap adapter
  • Large range of chemical compatibility
  • Premium venting to allow for better off gassing which prevents panelling and bloating of container
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sustainably manufactured

Key Features

  • Designed to fit most 38mm bottles
  • Flow Rates: standard and medium
  • GreenSpring™ technology
  • Patented TPE over-mold on all sealing surfaces
  • Automatic, bi-directional self-venting
  • Materials: HDPE sub straight with a TPE over-mold
  • Compatible with Tamper Evident: HDPE 0.18 lugs, 0.22 lugs, 0.250 lugs
  • Key Lock Options available.
  • Compatible with metering tips – 32 dilutions
  • Contact your Sales Representative for color options
  • No metal parts in assembly, i.e. no springs
  • Low manufacturing impact on the environment
For superior performance results, use the SaFTGreen™ SliceValve Insert in conjunction with our full line of liquid containment and dispensing products from the SaFTFlo® Fluid Management Systems.
*Please note adding some of the options above, will reduce the ability to recycle the insert, including adding color.
SaFTGreen™ SlideValve Insert Document Download