SaFTFlo® Squeeze Dose

The SaFTFlo® Squeeze Dose System is an alternative to expensive wall-mounted dispensing systems. Chemical concentrates are more cost-effective to use than ready-to-use products, but they generally require a method for dilution control. With the SaFTFlo® Squeeze Dose System, dilution control doesn’t get any easier. 

The SaFTFlo® Squeeze Dose System is designed to be used with other SaFTFlo® closed loop technology by attaching to any bottle fitted with the SaFTFlo® insert. The end-user simply squeezes the container to allow the chemical concentrate to flow into the cup to a predetermined level. 

Just flip open the lid on the dosing cup, and pour the concentrate into a mop bucket, spray bottle, or other cleaning container. It’s clean, simple, safe, and cost effective.

SaFTFlo® Squeeze Dose

Key Features

  • Cost-effective
  • Simple, safe, easy to use
  • Eliminates mixing mistakes

Materials / Options

  • Dose amounts from 15 to 60 milliliters
  • Logo printing/branding available

For superior performance results, use the SaFTFlo® Squeeze Dose System in conjunction with our full line of liquid containment and dispensing products from the SaFTFlo® Fluid Management Systems.

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