Helping Chemical Bottlers and Distributors Provide Safe Chemical Dispensing to End Users

When it comes to chemical manufacturers, chemical bottling companies and distributors, there’s an extensive amount of competition in reaching end-users with an affordable and efficient chemical dispensing tool. End-users are not looking for a sub-par, cheap solution – but rather a chemical dispensing solution that will offer long-term benefits and support.

Among the competition are large companies that do not offer the best chemical dilution solutions, nor the long-term support to back their products and services. Because of this, closed loop chemical systems have been sought after for its affordability, safety and resourcefulness. Closed loop chemical systems implement the general understanding that cleaning and sanitation is a science, requiring training and efficiency at each phase of chemical handling and dilution.

At RD Industries we strive to provide chemical bottlers and distributors the means to give end-users a safe, affordable product. Contact us to find out how a closed loop chemical dispensing and dilution system can increase business and provide high quality products for your end-users.

When More Is Not Better – Using Proper Chemical Dilution

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, many end-users often think more is better. And while this may seem like logical thinking – it is, in fact, untrue. Chemicals are most effective for cleaning and disinfecting, and used most safely, when properly diluted.

Using more chemical can lead to sticky surfaces that attract dirt, and can lead to a longer cleaning time the second time around – wasting chemicals and your investment. Over-using chemicals can also lead to damage of the surface being cleaned and possible hard to the end user. Additionally, improper chemical dilution is bad for the environment – as it introduces more products unnecessarily into the environment.

End users can be educated on proper chemical dilution, but it is best achieved through closed loop chemical dispensing. Closed loop chemical dilution and dispensing works with the chemical, the packaging, and the dispensing device to eliminate human error and provide safe and effective end-user chemical use.

So while it’s often thought that more is better; or less-is-more – it’s true that the only way to use cleaning and disinfecting chemicals safely and effectively is at the recommended dilution. By providing end users with a closed loop chemical dilution system, chemical manufacturers and bottlers are helping their customers’ efficiency and safety with the best technology on the market.

Closed Looped Chemical Dispensing Through Hand Pump

As part of our vast line of closed loop chemical dispensing technology, RD Industries offers a hand pump system. This closed loop hand pump system provides end users the ability to use concentrated chemicals in areas where a water source is not available.

So how does this hand pump integrate closed loop chemical containment and dispensing technology? It’s equipped with an attachment that allows any bottle to be fitted with a SafTflo® insert. Our SafTflo® line is a self-vented, closed loop chemical containment system.  Used in conjunction with our Bottle Insert, the pump screws onto the neck of the bottle and the end user depresses the dispensing portion of the unit to deliver a pre-metered amount of chemical concentrate.  Then, add water to dilute.

The hand pump is true to the closed loop technology benefits, decreasing the possibilities of toxic leaks and spills, unsafe chemical handling, improper dilutions, and liability exposure. This portable unit can also be used anywhere – counter top, mobile cart, or in any low-chemical use area.

Closed loop chemical containment provides unique technology

Closed loop chemical containment and dilution is truly a unique technology. No other form of chemical handling provides the safety, accuracy, and saved resources of closed loop technology.

In a closed loop system, how well the packaging contains the chemical and connects to the dispensing device is critical. Each step in a closed loop chemical dispensing system will provide proper ventilation, proper connections, and proper dilution for a safe and economical solution. Without an impeccable dispensing system, a facility faces the challenge of incorrect dilution rates, resulting in poor disinfection, wasted chemical dollars, or unsafe chemical handling resulting in lost workdays.

Dilution control systems consistently provide cost containment and accurately diluted chemicals. And these two reasons are why consumers are looking to chemical bottlers to provide this closed loop system. With an increased demand in this technology, chemical manufacturers and bottlers need to meet the growing needs of all industries.

All markets are looking to streamline cleaning and create a foolproof method of keeping with sanitation standards in a cost-effective manner. This is why industries across-the-board are looking to implement closed loop chemical dispensing in their business.

Increase End User Safety With Closed Loop Systems

Safety is among the countless reasons end users are seeking closed loop chemical containment and dispensing systems. When working with chemicals, safety is a primary concern since it preserves workplace welfare. End users are using closed loop systems to maximize the value of chemicals while ensuring that employees are safely meeting health standards for cleanliness.

Without a closed loop system, there are many potential hazards that can occur to the user as well as other workers and even patients. Often, the user is pouring chemical directly into a bucket resulting in possible splash issues, with the potential to come into contact with eyes and skin as well as possible inhalation exposure. Businesses are spending unnecessary funds on workers’ compensation expenses and lost-time wages due to chemical-related injuries.

A safe dispensing system must prevent contact of concentrated chemical with users while installing the chemical container, dispensing the product, and removing used containers. A closed loop system enforces complete containment of chemicals at every connection and dispensing point, preventing contact and  harm to end users.

A closed loop system has become the preferred method of chemical containment and dispensing for several reasons, but safety is certainly high on the priority list. Chemical manufacturers and those responsible for chemical bottling must respond to the needs of end users and provide the safest and most effective form of chemical handling.