End-Users Making Changes to Closed Loop Chemical Dispensing Systems

Chemical manufacturers have previously pushed selling chemicals to end-users in a concentrated form. Concentrated chemicals cause resource and safety issues among end-users. And because of these concerns, end-users are seeking closed loop chemical dispensing systems.

RD Industries provides effective closed loop chemical containment and dispensing systems, engineering every connection and dispensing point to enforce total containment at every stage of the process. From installing a new refill, to dispensing the chemical, to replacing used refill containers – closed loop technology ensures the safety of end-users and allows them to effectively manage their resources.

The EPA states that six out of every 100 janitors are injured annually by exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals. Using closed loop chemical dispensing will prevent contact of concentrated chemical with end users as well as taking into account the environment at every stage of the process.

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Helping Chemical Bottlers and Distributors Provide Safe Chemical Dispensing to End Users

When it comes to chemical manufacturers, chemical bottling companies and distributors, there’s an extensive amount of competition in reaching end-users with an affordable and efficient chemical dispensing tool. End-users are not looking for a sub-par, cheap solution – but rather a chemical dispensing solution that will offer long-term benefits and support.

Among the competition are large companies that do not offer the best chemical dilution solutions, nor the long-term support to back their products and services. Because of this, closed loop chemical systems have been sought after for its affordability, safety and resourcefulness. Closed loop chemical systems implement the general understanding that cleaning and sanitation is a science, requiring training and efficiency at each phase of chemical handling and dilution.

At RD Industries we strive to provide chemical bottlers and distributors the means to give end-users a safe, affordable product. Contact us to find out how a closed loop chemical dispensing and dilution system can increase business and provide high quality products for your end-users.

Closed Loop Chemical Dispensing Offers Significant Savings

No matter the industry – schools, healthcare, or hospitality – a major cost for maintaining a clean work environment is the chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing. Between the chemicals themselves, the proper dilution and dispensing equipment and the training and effectiveness of the employees using these chemicals – a company can put a significant amount of money into the safety and cleanliness of its work space. It’s important for these industries to protect this investment and allocate their funds wisely.

Because of these reasons, more and more businesses are looking toward closed loop chemical containment and dispensing technology. A closed loop chemical dispensing system is appealing because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Chemical manufacturers have created more concentrated chemicals; and while this has the potential to help reduce cost, it also creates challenges for janitorial staff to properly dilute, dispense, and apply these chemicals. Closed loop chemical systems allow end-users to mix concentrated chemicals safely, instead of using a measuring cup or pouring right into a bucket. Dilution control equipment can help cleaning agents clean more effectively and control a company’s bottom line.

Protecting their investment is one of the primary reasons end-users are seeking closed loop chemical containment and dispensing. Not only does the closed loop technology take the guess work out of diluting chemicals, but also reduces the amount of storage space required, transportation cost, and the cost-per-usable-gallon for the chemicals.

School Hygiene and Safe Closed Loop Systems

When it comes to concentrated chemical safety and dilution accuracy, there are many factors to consider in choosing a closed loop chemical dispensing system.  Closed loop systems are used in various environments, including food service, hospitality, industrial, and health care to name a few.  But, when it comes to school systems, concerns surrounding sanitation and hygiene and safety are on the rise presenting the need for a quality closed loop chemical dispensing program.

Sanitary classrooms, restrooms, and cafeterias are imperative for the safety of both students and staff, including the janitorial staff using the products.  Providing a clean, healthy environment is important, but equally essential is the need for safe chemical dispensing.  For chemical containment and dispensing, a quality closed loop system must meet appropriate safety standards – for the students, staff, and janitors.  If chemicals are not contained properly, the risk of spills increases; increasing the risk of injury as well as lost dollars from wasted chemicals.  This is also true when using an inferior chemical dilution and dispensing system.  When chemicals are properly diluted and dispensed, sanitizing and disinfecting is more effective in eliminating the spread of germs as well as being more cost effective.

Safety, dilution accuracy, and ease of dispensing are the chief benefits of utilizing a closed loop chemical dispensing system.  At RD Industries, we are committed to providing our customers with the best closed loop system on the market.  Please contact us to learn more about our closed loop chemical dispensing system and how it can benefit your organization.