Importance of Finding the Right Fit for Closed Loop Chemical Containment

The right fit – this concept can apply universally to many topics – and couldn’t be more important than finding the right fit as it relates to packaging and containing highly concentrated chemicals. To prevent a bottleneck in your process, that’s exactly where you should start – with the neck of your bottle.

Contrary to popular belief, not all containers of the same size are manufactured to the same specifications. Neck finishes, thickness and smoothness vary by manufacturer and in some cases from run to run.

RD’s commitment to providing safe chemical containment and dispensing solutions involves you working with our Engineering team to spec your bottle for a precise closed loop insert fit. We carefully measure your bottle samples (to the thousandths of an inch) and fit them with the proper size insert. The risks associated with not having a precise fit between a closed loop insert and the bottle neck can result in product leaking during shipment, improper dispensing, environmental and work place hazards and overall product waste.

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Closed loop chemical containment provides unique technology

Closed loop chemical containment and dilution is truly a unique technology. No other form of chemical handling provides the safety, accuracy, and saved resources of closed loop technology.

In a closed loop system, how well the packaging contains the chemical and connects to the dispensing device is critical. Each step in a closed loop chemical dispensing system will provide proper ventilation, proper connections, and proper dilution for a safe and economical solution. Without an impeccable dispensing system, a facility faces the challenge of incorrect dilution rates, resulting in poor disinfection, wasted chemical dollars, or unsafe chemical handling resulting in lost workdays.

Dilution control systems consistently provide cost containment and accurately diluted chemicals. And these two reasons are why consumers are looking to chemical bottlers to provide this closed loop system. With an increased demand in this technology, chemical manufacturers and bottlers need to meet the growing needs of all industries.

All markets are looking to streamline cleaning and create a foolproof method of keeping with sanitation standards in a cost-effective manner. This is why industries across-the-board are looking to implement closed loop chemical dispensing in their business.