End-Users Making Changes to Closed Loop Chemical Dispensing Systems

Chemical manufacturers have previously pushed selling chemicals to end-users in a concentrated form. Concentrated chemicals cause resource and safety issues among end-users. And because of these concerns, end-users are seeking closed loop chemical dispensing systems.

RD Industries provides effective closed loop chemical containment and dispensing systems, engineering every connection and dispensing point to enforce total containment at every stage of the process. From installing a new refill, to dispensing the chemical, to replacing used refill containers – closed loop technology ensures the safety of end-users and allows them to effectively manage their resources.

The EPA states that six out of every 100 janitors are injured annually by exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals. Using closed loop chemical dispensing will prevent contact of concentrated chemical with end users as well as taking into account the environment at every stage of the process.

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Maintaining Quality Control Through Closed Loop Systems

When it comes to quality control of your cleaning operation, the first step toward a job well done is to provide deliberate and thorough training to the cleaning staff. This well-trained staff also needs to be equipped with easy-to-use chemical dilution and dispensing equipment that will facilitate their success.

Businesses and organizations – including hospitals, food-service facilities, hotels and schools – heavily rely on the hygiene of their facilities as part of their brand image. These same businesses often invest additional money and resources on cleaning quality control. And while it’s important to continually monitor the quality of a facility’s cleanliness, users who invest in closed loop chemical dilution and dispensing systems will see fewer resources spent on monitoring the cleaning results of their employees.

Closed loop chemical systems ensure every connection and dispensing point to enforce total containment and safety at every stage of the process – from installing a new chemical all the way through dispensing product. Closed loop chemical dilution and dispensing systems take the guess work out of mixing and diluting chemicals and allow the cleaning staff to execute their duties using less time and resources – preserving quality and saving money and your brand image.

Chemical manufacturers and distributors can help their end users achieve quality control through providing closed loop chemical systems. Allow us to help you!

When More Is Not Better – Using Proper Chemical Dilution

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, many end-users often think more is better. And while this may seem like logical thinking – it is, in fact, untrue. Chemicals are most effective for cleaning and disinfecting, and used most safely, when properly diluted.

Using more chemical can lead to sticky surfaces that attract dirt, and can lead to a longer cleaning time the second time around – wasting chemicals and your investment. Over-using chemicals can also lead to damage of the surface being cleaned and possible hard to the end user. Additionally, improper chemical dilution is bad for the environment – as it introduces more products unnecessarily into the environment.

End users can be educated on proper chemical dilution, but it is best achieved through closed loop chemical dispensing. Closed loop chemical dilution and dispensing works with the chemical, the packaging, and the dispensing device to eliminate human error and provide safe and effective end-user chemical use.

So while it’s often thought that more is better; or less-is-more – it’s true that the only way to use cleaning and disinfecting chemicals safely and effectively is at the recommended dilution. By providing end users with a closed loop chemical dilution system, chemical manufacturers and bottlers are helping their customers’ efficiency and safety with the best technology on the market.

Keep Cold and Flu Viruses Under Control with Closed Loop Technology

Proper cleaning helps prevent the spread of disease, keeping people safe through the prevalent common cold and flu season. And proper cleaning can often be achieved through end user training and an effective chemical management system.

When it comes to cleaning chemicals, end users – including schools, restaurants, hotels, and health care facilities – all have a responsibility to keep disease at bay within their facilities. In order to do this, they are looking for the most cost-effective and resource-efficient method; which is why closed loop chemical dilution and containment is critical – especially during this time of year.

Effective closed loop chemical management systems integrate the chemical, the packaging, and the dispensing device. Most importantly it eliminates costly mixing, measuring, and dispensing mistakes. This is not only costly on business’ wallets, but costly for public health reasons. In order to meet cleanliness standards and provide healthy facilities, end users must be sure to use the correct chemical in the accurate proportions. Chemical manufacturers and bottlers can help their end users achieve their health, safety, and financial goals through closed loop chemical systems.