Keep Cold and Flu Viruses Under Control with Closed Loop Technology

Proper cleaning helps prevent the spread of disease, keeping people safe through the prevalent common cold and flu season. And proper cleaning can often be achieved through end user training and an effective chemical management system.

When it comes to cleaning chemicals, end users – including schools, restaurants, hotels, and health care facilities – all have a responsibility to keep disease at bay within their facilities. In order to do this, they are looking for the most cost-effective and resource-efficient method; which is why closed loop chemical dilution and containment is critical – especially during this time of year.

Effective closed loop chemical management systems integrate the chemical, the packaging, and the dispensing device. Most importantly it eliminates costly mixing, measuring, and dispensing mistakes. This is not only costly on business’ wallets, but costly for public health reasons. In order to meet cleanliness standards and provide healthy facilities, end users must be sure to use the correct chemical in the accurate proportions. Chemical manufacturers and bottlers can help their end users achieve their health, safety, and financial goals through closed loop chemical systems.