“The SafTflo system has worked very well for us.  It insulates workers from the chemicals and prevents accidental spills by the way it seals the bottle.  The check valve prevents chemicals from flowing back into the bottle and ensures against accidental mixing when a worker changes the cleaner he’s using.”
Vice President of Marketing, U.S. Manufacturer of No Touch Cleaning Systems

“Our goal was to add value to the package by removing the potential for waste and to make the package trouble-free for the user – RD helped us achieve that goal.”
~  Technical Support Group for Commercial Products,  Global Chemical Manufacturer

“This product (chemical) may go into bakeries, fast-food operations, supermarkets, places that are busy and where labor turns over frequently.  Anything we can do to make the use of our product goof-proof helps the end-user.”
Technical Support Group for Commercial Products, Global Chemical Manufacturer

« Notre projet a été couronné de succès.  Pour tous nos futurs produits et nos usines, nous avons l’intention de faire de votre produit un standard. »
PDG, formulateur de produits chimiques basé aux États-Unis