We are excited to let you know that RD Industries will be attending the ISSA North America Trade Show this year in October. If you are attending, we would love for you to stop by our booth. Our booth number is 1043.

The first full line of truly recyclable and sustainably manufactured products including bottle inserts, caps adapters, shipping caps, portable dispensing units, metering tips and other custom solutions by RD Industries were released for production on July 15th, 2021.

Projects are pouring in from around the world! 

Don’t be last to have the first!  


One Flo Portable Dispensing System

Global Leader For Liquid Containment and Dispensing

SafTFlo® and OneFlo™ brands are highly sophisticated Fluid Management Systems.  SafTFlo® products like bottle inserts offer thousands of unique configurations and superior adaptability. Now, OneFlo™ introduces the most advanced, truly recyclable, and sustainably manufactured line of products in its class.  The quality, seal, and performance are superior to all others.  Need a key-lock or other customization specific to only your product?  No problem!  Need a recyclable solution to meet your goals?  No Problem!

SafTFlo® and OneFlo™ technologies are industry-leading and patent-protected.  RD Industries founder and CEO Rod Laible has achieved worldwide recognition for his 53-year focus on successfully solving thousands of unique problems related to dispensing with accuracy and safety–One customer project at a time.  Closed-Loop for chemical containment was born at RD Industries.   Now, it is a phenomenon and mandated by many countries.  Further, SafTFlo® and OneFlo™  products are used in a multitude of industries and products not related to Janitorial and Sanitation.

Do not trust your ROI to a knock-off brand claiming to be better.

Call the Global Leader, buy RDI USA MADE products, and PROTECT YOUR ROI TODAY!

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From the molding floor to the proprietary assembly machines we employ, RD Industries is the industry leader in chemical containment. Our Patents and our people make the difference!