SaFTFlo® Tamper Evident Insert

SaFTFlo® Tamper Evident is a secondary safety check for our closed-loop system. An HDPE collar with lugs snaps to the bottom of the insert substrate to provide a secure connection, preventing unintended removal of the bottle insert.  

When an insert with the Tamper Evident collar is inserted into the bottle, the lugs expand open under the bottle neck, making it virtually impossible to remove the insert from the container. It can withstand a pulling force of 70lbs, 50% stronger than any competition in the market.  

To establish chemical flow, the end user replaces the ship cap with a SaFTFlo® Cap Adapter which opens the insert valve, releasing chemical. A fully closed-loop system ensures that end users are never exposed directly to chemical concentrate. 

SaFTFlo® Tamper Evident Insert
SaFTFlo® Tamper Evident In Bottle


  • An extra safety check for closed-loop systems  
  • Secure connection to lock the chemicals inside the container to minimize chemical waste  
  • Provides visible evidence if anyone has tampered with the closed-loop connection 

Key Features

  • Compatible with both SaFTFlo® and SaFTGreen™ standard flow bottle inserts  
  • Compatible with 38mm and 40mm bottle inserts  
  • Can withstand a pulling pressure of up to 70lbs  
  • Three length variations of Locking lugs to accommodate different container sizes : 0.18”, 0.22”, 0.25” / 0.457cm, 0.558mm, 0.635mm  
  • Material: HDPE  
  • Can be recycled when used in conjunction with the SaFTGreen™ bottle 
For superior performance results, use the SaFTFlo® Tamper Evident Insert in conjunction with our full line of liquid containment and dispensing products from the SaFTFlo® Fluid Management Systems.
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