SaFTFlo® Pouch Adapter Insert

Specifically designed to fit into Scholle Bags, the SaFTFlo® Pouch Adapter is the only one of its kind in the market place; offering closed loop technology for a bag container.

As bag containers are space saving, they cut down on shipping costs and are more economical due to being able to achieve 100% evacuation of chemical / liquid from the bag.

SaFTFlo® Pouch Adapter Insert
SaFTFlo® Pouch Adapter Insert

Key Features

  • Designed specifically to fit the Scholle bag
  • 100% evacuation of chemical from bag
  • Space saving due to the nature of bags being more malleable.
  • First and only product of its kind in the market place
  • Compatible with SaFTFlo 38mm Cap Adapters and Ship Caps.

Materials / Options

  • Materials: Polypropylene / HDPE / PE Foamer Liner / Spring (Stainless steel, Hastelloy, TPV)
  • Sizes: 38mm
  • Standard flow rate
  • For color options please contact your sales representative

For superior performance results, use the SaFTFlo® Pouch Adapter in conjunction with our full line of liquid containment and dispensing products from the SaFTFlo® Fluid Management Systems.

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