SaFTFlo® Dispensers

Simple, Effective and Low Cost Dispensing Solutions

Industry leader in innovative and high-quality dispensing and dosing systems, the SaFTFlo® Fluid Management System offers both portable and wall-mounted solutions. 

Accurate dilution saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, whilst ensuring maximum product performance which in turn provides customer satisfaction and confidence time and time again. SaFTFlo® metering tips are precision moulded from Kynar and 100% optically quality checked.This ensures that SaFTFlo® has a world recognised consistency when it comes to dilution and dispensing.

Leveraging our closed-loop technology,  SaFTFlo® Fluid Management dispensers provide additional benefits by increasing the health and safety for end-users.

RD Industries products are innovated and manufactured in USA.


Portable Dispensing Units​

Catering to the growing demand of portable dispensers, we offer both single and dual dilutions and flows within a single unit. There are a large number of combinations available to the customer ensuring we are able to cater to your requirements.   

Dual Flow PDU

Single Flow PDU

SafTFlo Dual Flow PDU

Wall Dispensers

Quick and easy installation, one touch operation, along with a choice of flow rates and dilution options. The SaFTFlo® wall dispensers offer easy dilution solutions for unlimited applications.

Wall Mount Dispensers

SaFTFlo® Wall Mount Dispenser