SaFTFlo® Bottle Inserts - The Lock

The SaFTFlo® insert is at the heart of closed-loop technology.  A molded plug with an automatic, self-venting valve sits in the neck of a container to ‘lock’ the chemical inside, preventing leaks and spills during transport, storage, and handling. 

The insert is the single point of contact to release the chemical while dispensing.  A dip tube is attached to the insert that runs the length of the bottle which is used to draw chemical from the container through the insert. 

 The SaFTFlo® insert has built-in venting to activate chemical flow and allow chemicals to ‘off gas’ during transportation and storage which will prevent the containers paneling or bloating. 

 To set up chemical flow, the enduser replaces the ship cap with a SaFTFlo® Cap Adapter which opens the insert valve, releasing the chemical. A fully closed-loop system ensures that endusers are never exposed directly to chemical concentrates.

SaFTFlo® Bottle Inserts


  • Prevents leaks and spills of chemical concentrates during shipping, storage, and handling by securing them within a container 
  • Creates a closed-loop system which: 
    • Prevents endusers from chemical burns and inhalation of toxic fumes 
    • Enables accurate dilution which optimizes product performance 
    • Accurate dilutions = cost savings 
  • Provides safety to your employees 
  • Builtin, automatic venting ensures containers do not panel or bloat 
  • Compatible with a large range of chemicals 
  • Fully customizable to suit customer needs 
  • Largest range of sizes on the market including bungs 

Key Features

  • Sizes: 28 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm, 53 mm, 60 mm, 63 mm, 70 mm, Bungs 
  • Flow rates: Standard and medium  
  • Material Options:  
    • Substrate: Polypropylene, Metallocene over-mold 
    • Venting: PE Foam Liner, SC5 Gore 
    • Spring: Stainless Steel, Kynar, Hastelloy, TPE 
  • Colors: please contact your sales representative 
  • Key locks 

Customizable Options

  • Tamper Evident Collar for additional safety/theft prevention 
  • SaFTSeal Metallocene over-mold to accommodate bottle neck irregularities 
  • Venting Options: PE Foam Liner, SC5 Gore 
  • Key locks – to ensure that only your customized cap adapter will open the valve in the insert. 

For superior performance results, use the SaFTFlo® Insert in conjunction with our full line of liquid containment and dispensing products from the SaFTFlo® Fluid Management Systems.

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