SaFTFlo® Dual Flow Portable Dispensing Unit

The SaFTFlo® Dual Flow, Dual Dilution Portable Dispensing Unit (PDU) is a versatile and convenient dispensing system, offering an economical addition to your chemical dilution system anywhere water is available. 

Offering dual flow channel and dual dilution, the SaFTFlo® Dual Flow PDU will offer the most accurate dilution in the PDU market. End users are able to pull different dilutions from the same chemical to accommodate different uses.

As the metering tips are placed in the insert tubes as opposed to the head of the PDU unit, this allows for the PDU to be easily transferred between multiple chemical bottles that have different dilution requirements.  A concentric head attachment also allows for easy and simple connection onto the chemical container.

SafTFlo Dual Flow PDU

A single lever on the handle activates the change between flow channels – an icon depicting the required dilution use eg trigger bottle and mop bucket makes for ease of use. End users are able to pull different dilutions from the same chemical to accommodate different uses. 


  • Dual dilution and dual flow rate from a single container 
  • Accurate dilutions 
  • Portable dispensing wherever there is a water supply 
  • No installation required 
  • Simple set up of unit 
  • Simple operation of unit 
  • Easily transferred between multiple chemical bottles with different dilution requirements 

Key Features

  • Dual-port cap adapter offers a dual flow channel 
  • Dual flow rate system including 1 gpm and 3.5 gpm 
  • Dual dilution is established with a dual straw insert 
  • The dilution is carried out in the insert as opposed to in the PDU head so it can be easily interchanged with different chemicals 
  • A single lever changes between single and dual flow and dilution 
  • Built in back preventer ASSE 1055-2009 
  • Air Gap 
  • Shroud cover 
  • Built in bucket clip 
  • Water Hose- Available in NPT only 
  • Additions: Quick connects, available in NPT and BSPP thread 
  • Materials usedPolypropylene, Kynar, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy 
  • Please ask your Sales Executive for color options 
For superior performance results, use the SaFTFlo® PDU Dual Flow in conjunction with our full line of liquid containment and dispensing products from the SaFTFlo® Fluid Management Systems.

SaFTFlo®  PDU Document Download