Products For Absolute Chemical Closed-Loop Technology

A  closed-loop system for chemicals engineers every connection and dispensing point to enforce total containment, even during refill change-out. Closed-loop requires a connection system that both vents for proper flow and contains the concentrate to ensure safety.

SaFTFlo® and NOW OneFlo® are the industry’s only self-venting, true closed-loop systems for containment and dispensing of concentrated chemicals.

SaFTFlo® and OneFlo® also secure the chemical container for safe, easy shipping.The SaFTFlo® and OneFlo® Fluid Management Systems feature a bottle insert (the lock) with an automatic self-venting and anti- reversing valve that connects to a matching cap adapter (the key) designed to release the product for safe handling and accurate dispensing. 

SaFTFlo® - Absolute Closed Loop Technology


The SaFTFlo® and OneFlo® Fluid Management Systems begin with the container insert, or fitment, which features an automatic, self-venting and anti-reversing valve. The top of the insert is recessed into the container opening and is flush-mounted so it won’t interfere with the shipping closure. A dip tube is attached to the insert and reaches to the bottom of the chemical container.  The NEW OneFlo® line is TRULY Recyclable and Sustainably Manufactured.


The self-venting insert alleviates positive or negative pressure issues inside the container to prevent spillage during shipment, storage, and handling. The end-user removes the shipping closure to expose the insert and then places the cap adapter on the container. This opens the spring-loaded valve so that chemical is ready to be drawn.

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