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Bottle Inserts

SaFTFlo® Bottle Inserts – The Lock

SaFTFlo® Saftseal Bottle Insert

SaFTFlo® Saftvent Bottle Insert

SaFTFlo® Tamper Evident

SaFTFlo® Dual Straw Insert


SaFTFlo® Pouch Adapter

SaFTFlo® Bung Adapter

SaFTGreen™ SP Bottle Insert

SaFTGreen™ MS Bottle Insert

SaFTGreen™ Original Bottle Insert

Cap Adapters

SaFTFlo® Cap Adapters – The Key

SaFTFlo® Dual Port Cap Adapter

SaFTFlo® Swivel Cap Adapter

SaFTGreen® Pierce Pin Cap Adapter

Ship Caps

SaFTGreen™ Ship Cap


Portable Dispensing Units

SaFTFlo® Single Flow PDU

SaFTFlo® Dual Flow PDU

SaFTFlo® Foamer PDU Accessory

Wall Dispensers

SaFTFlo® Wall Dispenser


SaFTFlo® Gravitiflo

SaFTFlo® Gravitiflo Flow Rates

SaFTFlo® Squeeze Dose

SaFTFlo® Hand Pump


SaFTFlo® Fluid Monitor

SaFTFlo® Docking Station

SaFTFlo® LM 100