About RD Industries

At RD Industries, we have been designing closed loop technology for over 35 years. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, we are a family owned business, proud of our heritage and the path taken to become the number one, global leader of closed loop technology for chemical containment and dispensing.

From conception, design, molding, manufacturing, marketing, and sales, the entire process of our product life cycle takes place inhouse. It is what we believe has been to the key to our success over the years and now, in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic,  is what has positioned us to be able to continue supplying the demand of our customers as the  needs of the sanitization industry reaches an all-time high.


We have an inhouse team of design engineers who work alongside Founder, President, and Chief Executive, Rod Laible, who alone has over 60 patents under his name. Having this element within the company structure, enables us to bring products to market quickly and work efficiently to meet customers’ needs. We offer full customization of our products, so they fit into any bottle size and therefore, this aspect of the business is key. Ideas and concepts are transformed into designs and working prototypes and, after a stringent testing phase both in house and with trusted partners, if they pass, they move onto molding and production.


RD Industries’ roots are in molding and today the molding department is headed up by Len Graham, the award-winning designer and creator of the Super-Cell. All of our products are manufactured in house through injection molding and assembly lines. A team of quality, automation, process, and material engineers oversee their departments ensuring the quality of our products alongside managing our carbon footprint. Finished products are taken through to shipping where they are transported throughout the world.


Our Sales and Marketing teams are also based in Omaha where they conduct video conferences all over the world at all times of the day for our customers.  Having already taken this approach to reduce our carbon footprint before the current pandemic set in, it enabled us to easily transfer our working environment with as little disruption as possible at this time. A talented team of professionals ensure that we are offering the best we can through the sales and promotion of our products making the world a safer place by making every bottle safe.

For RD Industries, Made in USA means so much more than just the end product, it is the whole process from conception to loading on the truck to ship anywhere in the world.

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